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Welcome to 3rd Eye Sundays, a special series of monthly, live shows devoted to intuition and divination! Each month we'll welcome a rotating panel of intuitive professionals (tarot and oracle readers, psychics, energy workers, etc.) as well as other creatives, counselors, and wisefolk to answer YOUR urgent questions live on Zoom!

We'll begin each show with a collective forecast for the coming month by our guest panelists (we'll also send a copy of the spread they use to our ticket holders in advance of the show). Panelists will then be presented with a selection of anonymous questions submitted by you, and our panelists will provide meaningful advice using their intuitive gifts!

At the end of each show, we will invite you to join us for an exclusive Q&A session. 3rd Eye Sundays is a unique opportunity to get readings from up to four of our favorite practitioners at once AND ask them questions about your own divination and intuitive practices!

Finally, we'll wrap it up with a raffle awarding one attendee with a 30-minute, individual session with one of our panelists!

Get a ticket and join us LIVE!